Product Overview

Citra is accessible through an app on the iPad or Android Tablet, or through an internet browser. This allows all caregivers supporting a child to be connected no matter what your technology preference.

Speech pathologists, teachers and parents can create and share custom Communication Boards and Schedules for their kids to help them reach their speech, communication and learning goals. Use the Citra Notes Taker to stay connected to other caregivers and share learning goals, protocols, and achievements in real-time.

Check out our detailed Citra User Guide

Citra Features

  • Sharing of Lessons Plans
  • Shared Notes Logs
  • SymbolStix Image Library
  • Communications Boards
  • Natural-Sounding Speech
  • BoardMaker Image Library
  • Task Management Schedules
  • Create Customize Image Labels
  • Create Customized Picture Library
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