Second Clinical Trial Complete

Author: Robyn Cooper, Citra, Director of Research

Citra completed its second round of clinical testing with our beta community. With participants from four different Speech and Hearing Centers, we learned more about how therapists, teachers and parents are using Citra to collaborate.

We learned more about the nuances and finer points of how your children are learning using the Communication Boards and Schedules, including the positive improvements children are gaining in some surprising areas. Our testing participants reported their clients are displaying more motivation and less frustration while they are learning, expanding their vocabulary, and showing increased attention spans during lessons.

We learned about some new ways in which you would like to be supported, including where people need the most help. This help is being quickly developed now.

We learned how therapists are using Citra to improve their professional practice to save time and stay organized in their work as therapists and teachers.

We learned how differently parents are deriving value from Citra to help their children at home to both stay in tune with what’s happening in therapy and at school, and in some cases, even to practice those lessons at home with their child.

Thanks to all our participants and we will continue to partner with you to deliver innovative solutions the entire care teams can leverage together.

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