Teachers, Connect to parents and therapist, duplicate lesson plans

Citra offers your students a better way to learn through Communication Boards and Schedules. Citra helps them express their preferences and make requests, and stay on task with easier transitions. Citra offers you the ability to create lesson plans you can duplicate for any student, and to connect to your students’ parents and therapists.

“Once I understood how to create boards and schedules, it was very easy to do when I was pressed for time and even in the middle of a session if I needed.”

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“It was nice to have the option to communicate with the student’s other therapist.”

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“My student enjoys the iPad and was very receptive to using Citra because it was on a device that was familiar to him. Being able to create simple activities the encouraged sentence building was very helpful for this particular student.” <

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Product Features & Benefits

  • Create an unlimited number of Communication Boards and Schedules for unlimited number of students
  • Take notes and share them in real time with parents and other therapists
  • Share a student’s Communication Board and Schedules with parent, internal teachers, and external therapist
  • Change and play image labels aloud within Communication Board Sentence Strips
  • Collaborate with other caregivers but only the author of Communication Boards or Schedules can edit and delete them
  • See the child rewarded by a fun visual and audio celebration when he or she completes a Schedule
  • Take custom pictures of your students doing real-life tasks, or of familiar objects used in daily life to enhance learning

Site License Benefits

  • Save time by creating Communication Boards and Schedule templates to be shared with teachers throughout your organization.
  • Create a library of custom pictures that can be shared when creating Communication Boards and Schedule templates for any child.

Site license discount for education institutions available. For more information Contact Us or call (614) 335-5009